SPECIAL NOTE:  For your convenience in dealing with cash payments

for the chef service and your Food and beverage purchasing  before you

start your vacation at Hacienda Alegre, we offer you a special PAYPAL PLAN.

Here's how it works:

---you deposit the total US$  Chef fee for your full stay, plus a deposit of US$250

to cover your Food and beverage costs , and a small handling fee, direct to


--we seek this payment   21 days  prior to your arrival date..   This arrangement saves 

you the hassle  of carrying too much cash to start with, and reduces the  need to

frequently change US$ in to Mexican currency  during your stay.

---Our customer services manager, Greta, will give you a full accounting of

your F & B purchases  shortly after your arrival.

---should you decide to participate in our PAYPAL PLAN  less than 3 weeks before 

your arrival date, you will be obliged to pay an extra 5% fee .

Clearly, our PAYPAL PLAN is optional.  You certainly have the choice  to pay

all the chef fees and the bulk of your F & B costs following your arrival .  The Chef

fees need to be paid in Mexican Pesos-cash ;  and for your arrival F & B needs,

we also seek an upfront cash  payment in Mexican Pesos.