Hacienda Alegre resides in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Banderas Bay, facing the Pacific Ocean, is Mexico’s largest bay, and unquestionably the most beautiful bay in Latin America. The horseshoe-shaped bay is rimmed by majestic mountains, miles of sandy beaches, scores of funky Mexican beach cafes, the freshest, tastiest fish in the world, and where whales and dolphins play along with the pelicans and giant frigate birds many months of the season.

The main town on the bay is the 400 year-old Puerto Vallarta, with many pockets of smaller towns dotting the 50 mile-long shoreline.

Hacienda Alegre is situated close to where Banderas Bay connects with the Pacific Ocean, about a 40 minute drive north of Puerto Vallarta airport.

The nearest town is Punta Mita – a 6 minute drive away. The prime fishing village in the Bay,  La Cruz, is a 7 minute drive away. A trip to Sayulita by car will take 30 minutes. A car drive to the old town of Puerto Vallarta will take 50 minutes.


Travel Info

Flying times from some US cities

  • From San Francisco – 3 hours

  • From Los Angeles – 2 hours 30 minutes

  • From New York – 5 hours

  • From Denver – 2 hours 45 minutes



A Tropical Oasis by the sea in Banderas Bay.