Review from a Happy Guest!

"I wanted to let you know that we have made it home and the trip to the Hacienda was magnificent. Beyond our dreams a vacation of a lifetime. The staff was wonderful, Nahoom was a fabulous chef and the “gem” of your crew is definitely Greta. She made us feel at home and did over and beyond to ensure our stay and logistics were perfect. We cannot wait to book for next year!

It was shaky at first when the electricity went off and we were wondering if Punta de Burro would have power for our stay. We came from the desert and the humidity and heat hit us like a lead balloon. Thank God all was fixed and the trip was perfect. We throughly enjoyed the pool, beach, tennis court and the lush gorgeous grounds. We hired a bartender for a couple of days, that would definitely be a great addition to the staff.

One other thing that was a little difficult was the peso requirement in the beginning. I was unaware that you could get pesos in the states, so waited to exchange at the bank when I arrived. The banks were closed on Sat. and Sunday and the ATM’s were not working. I spend all day Sat. going around PV to find pesos. 

Again, thank you and I hope that we get the opportunity to visit the wonderful home and paradise soon!"

—Chris and Zol 

We would like to add that had we known our guests needed to convert their money, we would have helped them with this matter! 

Soma Helen Escobedo